SAE HQ- Chapter Closes at Furman University

GREENVILLE, SC – The Fraternity Service Center would like to inform the Realm about the closure of one of our chapters. The charter for South Carolina Phi at Furman University has been suspended for three years as a result of many members’ health-and-safety violations and their inability to adhere to the national organization’s standards and expectations. Furthermore, the members of the chapter have been suspended until they graduate from the university.The closure of this chapter – one of oldest in the Realm, founded in 1868 – is unfortunate, but it serves as a strong reminder to our collegiate members, chapter officers and advisers that violations to Minerva’s Shield, especially as it relates to hazing and the use of alcohol, absolutely will not be tolerated and can result in closure. Those types of violations jeopardize other members and chapters and may lead to long-term negative effects, such as increased insurance premiums, bad publicity and potential litigation.Many of South Carolina Phi’s brothers violated health-and-safety policies, which includes allegations of hazing through forced alcohol consumption during bid-night activities. Those members’ actions are completely unacceptable and have no place in our Fraternity nor in our membership-education program known as the True Gentleman Experience. In addition, they violated a university-imposed sanction, and a panel of alumni and staff conducted a membership review this past fall following other health-and-safety incidents. The men were given multiple opportunities to resolve their infractions on several occasions, but we regret they failed to work through these issues after repeated attempts to assist them.Sigma Alpha Epsilon has zero tolerance for hazing or any actions or behaviors that are not consistent with our mission and our creed, “The True Gentleman.” We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our members. We also believe that members or former members should be sanctioned for actions that fail to comply with our expectations, and our leadership will not hesitate to take action when those guidelines are not followed.“In today’s world, nothing is secretive, and we are closely monitoring the activities of all our chapters,” said Brad Cohen, Eminent Supreme Archon. “Those chapters that don’t follow our strict policies and don’t create a safe and harmonious environment for all members will be dealt with and, if necessary, closed as we have done at Furman.”

Although Sigma Alpha Epsilon regrets the closure, we are hopeful that we can re-establish the South Carolina Phi chapter at some point in the future with a group of men who exemplify our beliefs and who serve as leaders on campus and in the community.

*This information was collected by a mass e-mail sent to all executive members of local chapters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Fraternity. This press release was taken from, information is public to view. For more information, please visit:—media-statements—chapter-closes-at-furman-university

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