Why Join SAE?

Hey guys, I hope you all have had a chance to settle in to Mansfield and hope you are enjoying your experience here so far. With the start of the fall semester, there are probably many of you who are interested or want more information about the clubs and organizations that are here on campus. Perhaps one of the areas students have the most questions about is greek life and as a member of my fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon on campus, I encourage anyone interested to talk to me.

Starting on Monday September 8th through Friday the 12th, fraternities and sororities on campus will be holding their Rush events designed to get to know anyone interested in greek life and answer any questions anyone might have. I know it’s still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about going greek.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has always had a strong presence at Mansfield with it being the second oldest fraternity on the campus. Plus, with over 245 chapters across North America, 314,000 alumni since it’s founding and $250,000 donated through community service projects, it’s easy to see why SAE is one of the best fraternities in the nation.
Whether it be to network, make friends, serve your community, or all three, I want to put stereotypes about greek life to rest once and for all. Thank you all for your time.

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