2nd Annual SAE HoV- Midnight Update

Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Hands on a Van Event

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

hov_tentSitting here at the Hand on a Van Event, this is the second annual gathering for this event.  Each year, it keeps getting better and better.  We started with 9 participants and now are down to 7 participants.  A little after midnight here in South Hall Mall at Mansfield University, it is a slightly chilly and rain sprinkles are slowly dropping.

We would like to also do a shout out to WNTE 89.5 The Giant, Mansfield University Student Radio, for showing up and providing great music for our event.  If you are reading this article, you should be joining us in South Hall Mall- we are still here!

Going around the “van” we asked one of our participants again, just how long he plans to remain with BOTH of his hands on the vehicle- a new rule which was implemented slightly after 10pm. James Querry responded to the question with “TILL I WIN!”. Words like these show that our event is far from coming to a close.

Keep up to date on the event and on the latest words from our other participants later in the early morning, right here!


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