2nd Annual Hands on a Van – Hands Down!

hov_participants2Sigma Alpha Epsilon – 2nd Annual Hands on a Van Event
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

The 2nd annual hands on a van event hosted by the Pennsylvania Beta Phi chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon got underway around 4pm this afternoon.  16 signups, 9 show ups. 9 Students will be competing to see who can keep a hand on the van the longest. The only way to win is by other students failure. The last remaining participant will receive a $150 Via Prepaid gift card.

Brothers of the SAE chapter will be moderating this event and judging the participants along the way. The 1st year of this event lasted until 7am the next morning, nearly 13 hours with a hand on the van. The brothers are eager to see how long the 2nd year of this event will play out.

We conducted an interview with a few of our participants to ask them, just how long they plan on remaining at the event and competing for the prize.  Nicolai Hibshman responded saying, “Till the last person takes their hand off”. James Querry had a similar response with “ALL NIGHT, AIN’T LOSING THIS YEAR!”. Easy enough to say, but time will surly tell the fate of our hands on a van rivals.


Participants; Amber Skworzow (AST), and Bri Periu (ASA) stand with hands on the van.


Keep checking back throughout the event as we will continue to provide live coverage and updates on this event through our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Join us in South Hall Mall to hang out, share some laughs, and enough great music sponsored by WNTE 89.5 The Giant.


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